Rubber matting:

Do you want a high-performing, high-quality rubber mat for your business? Rubber Matting Co has a wide range of high-quality rubber mats with non-slip and sound-absorbing properties and is an expert when it comes to durable, hard-wearing commercial and industrial mats. The mats are designed to enhance the look of the entrance of your business and any reception area. Rubber mats from Rubber Matting Co safeguard and protect your business premises from dirt, moisture, water, and wear, protecting marble, titled, wooden, and carpeted floors from becoming damaged over time, even in high traffic areas. Browse our online range and find rubber mats that suit your individual business needs, either as rolls for larger runs or fixed sizes for smaller areas.

In addition to rubber entrance mats, Rubber Matting Co offers chemical-resistant, antifatigue, non-slip, and rolled rubber mats. Additionally, they are available in a variety of sizes to cover small, medium, large and complicated areas, ensuring your floor is covered as much as possible.

rubber matting
Rubber Interlocking Wood Grain Floor Mats

£22.39£44.66 (incl VAT)

Rubber Interlocking Foam Plush Floor Mats

£20.22£39.26 (incl VAT)

Waterproof Anti Slip Drawer Liners Mats

£9.79£34.99 (incl VAT)

Rubber Floor Matting For Garages

£32.03£271.08 (incl VAT)

Interlocking Rubber Exercise Flooring Mats

£20.93£152.04 (incl VAT)

Smooth Black Rubber Van Matting for Cars or Garage

£23.06£134.03 (incl VAT)

Anti Slip Rubber Van Matting For Trucks

£353.60£677.30 (incl VAT)

STD Chek Rolling Mat

£16.16£25.72 (incl VAT)

Outdoor Flooring Artificial Grass Carpets

£23.79£159.89 (incl VAT)

Outdoor Warehouse Rubber and PVC Floor Mats

£20.99£32.19 (incl VAT)

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The Purpose and Importance of Rubber Mats:

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) reports that slips and trips remain the most common cause of workplace injuries in the UK. This can lead to poor work output and employee absence. Rubber mats prevent accidents from happening and help reduce workplace accidents.

In addition to preventing slip and fall accidents, rubber mats have many other benefits, such as:

  1. Creating a safe and healthy working environment
  2. Improve working conditions
  3. Sound cushioning
  4. Comfortable and warm underfoot for those who stand for a long time
  5. Protects flooring from dirt, water, and other spills
  6. Prevents dirt and water from coming into the home

Rubber Matting Rolls:

The rubber mats are made of high-quality rubber and can be used in a variety of locations. A rubber mat roll or PVC mat roll can be used for large areas, transportation lines, ramps, production lines, etc. Rubber mat rolls are available in complete rolls as well as by the linear meter so they can be cut to fit specific applications. They are slip-resistant and anti-fatigue. Rubber mats are shrink-proof and will act as insulators during cold and wet weather conditions as they are made up of recycled rubber. There are many features that make these mats indispensable due to their strong grip as well as their anti-slip properties. These mats are ideal for any environment where safety and protection are needed. We offer rolls that are flexible and strong enough to withstand tension, pressure, and stress. You can order our products by visiting our website. All of these mats are easily available on our site. Rubber mats in this category have anti-fatigue and anti-slip properties. Most of these mats are used in large shops, workshops, sheds, garage floors , entrances, industries, offices, foot traffic areas, and homes.

Rubber matting for the garden:

There are different types of rubber matting for gardens available that are resistant to wear, shrink-proof, and environment-friendly. The best features are that they are durable and flexible, and can withstand all temperatures. The interlocking tiles are easy to install. All of these garden and stable mats are easy to install, clean, and are popular in places where the temperature changes frequently. Since they have a draining system, they are ideal for absorbing dirt and fluids.

Rubber matting for horses:

Rubber matting for horses is also available at our store. Horse mats are one of the best categories of mats for farms and setups for animals since they are specifically designed for farms and setups for horses. Comfort is important and necessary for humans and animals, so there is a category of mats made specifically for farm floors. It provides ease and comfort to the animals. It is easy to take care of and it is not porous, which means all the problems associated with floors of farms can be avoided.

Types of Rubber Mats :

Rubber mats can be used for many different applications, so we have a wide variety of rubber mats so you can choose according to your project and area. Please check out the product descriptions to pick which rubber mat best suits your needs. The main types of mats are following:

Outdoor Rubber Entrance Mats:

We offer a wide range of rubber mats for your outdoor entrance that is designed to withstand high foot traffic as well as protect your facility from dirt and water. This will reduce your chances of injuries from slips, trips, and falls. Our mats can withstand harsh weather conditions, can remove heavy dirt and snow, and can quickly dry any excess water.

Check out the Value Rubber Scraper with holes or the Value Rubber Scraper with drainage holes, both of which are ideal outdoor entrance mats. Dirt and moisture can easily be removed from footwear and wheels using this solution.

Anti-Fatigue Rubber Mats :

Many of our rubber mats contain antifatigue properties, designed for workers who generally stand for long periods of time, especially on cold and hard floors. We offer rubber anti-fatigue mats that are extremely effective at preventing fatigue and musculoskeletal health issues while maintaining the integrity of your floors. In order to address the health problem and provide employees with long-term comfort, Rubber Matting Co offers a wide selection of durable, high-performance Anti-Fatigue Mats. An example is our Outdoor Anti-Fatigue Mats. It is perfect for both dry and wet conditions. Its rubber surface is textured and enhances non-slip capabilities.

Anti Vibration Matting:

Mats are anti-vibration as they dampen the vibrations caused by different machines in industries and commercial areas that use heavy machinery. Mats with anti-vibration features are those that are mostly used in places where heavy machines are used.

Industrial Mats:

The need for industrial mats is not limited to homes and offices. In addition to being anti-slip and anti-fatigue, industrial mats also ensure safety and convenience. Mats for industrial and commercial use are anti-slip and anti-fatigue to prevent any health issues. Since industrial and commercial workers are very active, mats for this use should be durable and of high quality.

Where can Rubber Matting be Placed?

It’s easy to place rubber mats almost anywhere. The Traction Tread Non-Slip Roll Matting is ideal for factory floors since the non-slip surface makes it easier to keep workers safe from slips, trips, and falls. With an anti-fatigue property, this mat is safe for use indoors or outdoors, in wet or dry areas, and in dry and wet environments. It is made from nitrile rubber. This grease and oil-resistant mat are ideal for spill-prone areas, such as food and beverage plants. It is constructed of 100% nitrile rubber and is superior to other grease-proof mats in terms of grease and oil resistance. Water and debris will be able to drain away from the feet as this mat has a flow-through design. The other areas where mats can be used include entrances, bars, cafes, restaurants, warehouses, and busy locations.Need help selecting the right rubber matting or roll?People find it difficult to choose the right mat for their project so they get into confusion and need help or guidance. Our team wants you to find the right rubber mats. Go to our Contact us page or use our Live Chat and you can easily discuss your confusion about the selection of the right rubber mat.