Black Interlocking Rubber Mats Floor Exercise

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Black Interlocking Rubber Mats Floor Exercise

  1. These EVA Rubber Foam Floor Mats have a wide uses,for both business and home. Around the home, Kids Bedrooms are the primary spot, both for protection and for easy cleaning!
  2. Utility Rooms, Games Rooms, Home Gyms would definitely profit from the presence of these mats, and the mats are flawless to go under swing sets, slides,climbing outlines and more…great for relaxing any falls and mishaps!
  3. You can even take these with you (simple to fit into the vehicle, or under your arm at that point), and take them outdoors, on picnics, and so forth.
  4. Extraordinary for use as Exercise Mats, for Wrestling, Schools, Playgroups, Business use in Trade shows, displays, and so forth.
  5. Incredible for mechanics, specially made for anti-fatigue purposes while working underneath vehicles, and so forth.

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Each Mat – Length 2FT x Width 2FT x Height 11mm

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