Anti Fatigue Heavy Duty Industrial Rubber Matting

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Anti Fatigue Heavy Duty Industrial Rubber Matting

The industrial floor mats are ideal for garages, utility rooms, kitchens and outdoor areas.Breathable and easy to clean.11 mm thick and rot-proof.Prevents the slips and falls.Offers insulation in cold and wet weather.These mats are easy to install and wear-resistant.Tough and long lasting.Offers maximum safety and protection.These are non-porous and dust-free.These mats have perfect finish and permanent elasticity.Offers trouble -free service.These are shock-absorbing.The non-toxic mats are flexible and odourless.The anti-slip mats are puncture resistant.The main features of this matting include:

  • Easy-clean design
  • Will not wrinkle
  • Will not tear


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5 feet x 3 feet


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